new Chromus CD

Chromus is a 7-member progressive metal band created by former Columbia Records, CBS International and A&M Recording artist Philip D. (Peter) Davis. While on holiday in Mazatlan with his family and vocalist Scott Karnas, he was asked to play at a local bar on piano. Scott demonstrated his vocal talents and it was during that time that Chromus began to take shape.

Once Phil’s studio (BrickHouseStudio) was completed, Chromus began recording their very first album. Musicians who were involved in this recording were:
Mike Peterson (drums)
Max Davis (guitars)
Scott Karnas (lead vocals)
Don Bird (bass/keyboards)
Brian Cokeley (stratospheric vocals/guitar/keyboards)
Phil Davis (keyboards/production/engineering/mixing)
Gordo Lynn (percussion/production assistant/engineering/mixing)

These magnificent 7 began to shape Chromus into what it is today. It appeals to audiences of all ages from every facet of the earth, drawn to music such as theirs due to their relatable subjects, their talent, inventiveness and creativity. All of these incredible talents are delivered to audiences in a unique and current rock format, forever evolving and testing new sounds and new waters, keeping their music current and sustainable in this industry.

Chromus is proud to introduce their self-titled debut CD to the masses. The lead single “Rain” is about the amount of rain Washington State gets. Audiences will find the answer and the true significance of the chorus verse, “How long do I stand in the rain”? This takes you head on into the storyline with multiple layers of magnificent guitar tracks and drums and that electric guitar that just picks up that second voice. This song’s arrangement is beautifully delivered achieving maximum impact.
Thinking outside the box and developing new and refreshing sounds keep them current and on top of the music scene.

You can listen to and/or purchase their songs by logging onto the following websites: