The clutch bag has remained popular these days and coming in many different styles.

A clutch usually comes a little square box, triangles or heart-shapes, often covered with satin, beads or brocade. Many are fastened with tassels, loops, and other fancy decorations. Leather or vinyl clutches are available for less formal events when a smaller purse is still desirable.
Clutch bags are everywhere. They change in style and fabrics with the season and with other fashions. All of these are larger bags designed for everyday use, intended to hold any number of belongings. A clutch purse is not seen on an everyday basis as often as it used to be, but these little gems are still around in various forms. They are usually small purses designed to be carried -- or "clutched" -- in the hand. Some have a detachable chain or leather strap so they can also be worn hanging from the shoulder.
The history of purses in general dates back to the Babylonian era. Purses were generally used in religious ceremonies then, and the modern wit might quip that they still have a holy significance to a woman. People figured out that they were useful for carrying money and valuables and purses became popular, worn on belts by men and women. In the early 1800s, women began carrying reticules, the forerunner of the modern handbag, looking very much as some styles of the clutch purse look today. A lady of quality carried her handkerchief and smelling salts in her reticule, along with, perhaps, a packet of rice papers to dull a shiny spot on the face. The clutch purse has been popular ever since. The early 80s saw a vogue for clutch handbags in many colours with matching shoes. But the bags with style were the quilted Chanel bags or Louis Vuitton luggage.
Of course, at no point in history has there been a greater variety of clutches available as at the present day. Thousands, if not tens of thousands, of individual designs are available to the stylish modern woman, and you can take your pick from vast panoply of colours, shapes, patterns, and exciting designs.